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How to get your confidence back


How to get your confidence back


Build courage, Confidence and roar with power over your life! | taught by Dawn Osborne


Is your "FEAR" Holding you back?

There's a big lie going on that’s hidden, that if you're really a bubbly personality, you got it all together….. You've got the best life. You can raise confident, happy children. You're not afraid of social settings.

You're always in a good mood.

(LOL yeah right!!… LIE ALERT)

The lie continues….That outgoing people have no fear, and they're okay with speaking up and sharing their opinion; that all it takes is being a bubbly personality to have this amazingly wonderful, successful life.

(Ok where’s the bucket…..)

OK Heres the truth….. No matter what personality type you are, at some point we all face fears and our confidence gets knocked…You are not alone!! Bubbly personality or not we have all suffered at the hands of “FEAR”

But there’s Hope!!

Now in case you’re wondering who “we” are, I just wanted to take a quick minute to fill you in.

I am Dawn Osborne and I am the founder of Lioness Academy. I am a constant seeker with a serious case of “I know there is more for my life” , I’m slightly addicted to facebook stalking and people watching, but mostly now I am passionate about helping you build a confident and prosperous life.

That allows you to live the kind of life you’ve been dreaming of. But who am I to teach you this stuff? Well, I’ve been building businesses and people for well over 20 years now; I’m a qualified Counsellor, Coach and Mother of 4. Plus Ive created many many start up businesses owned million dollar property portfolios.

Sounds wonderful, right? Yes it was but there was a price to pay for it……

During my years of being driven took its toll on my entire life… it caught up with eventually! Was I prepared for what happened to me?? No way!! Nothing can prepare you for a breakdown! Yes thats right I had a major malfunction. Brought to a complete STOP and well basically I was never the same again.

What happened I hear you ask? Well its rather a long story, but I can tell you this that every loss imaginable in life I have had to walk through it in one form or another, loss of esteem, health, money, marriage, faith.

What was the problem…..?? Good question, that’s what I wanted to know.

So it lead me on a 10 year journey of discovery. I needed to heal a few things, I had some thinking that was sabotaging my life, I just didn’t know it, until I started to seek the answers to my problems!

So one of the questions I asked myself was

Why am I suffering with shyness particularly in social settings?”

-It was debilitating me on times yet I was an outgoing personality…so it seemed to others anyway?


You know what it boiled down to?


Someone or something had stolen it!!

Ok those of you who know me would think she seems so confident and you know what you can put me in certain situations, certain settings, and I felt like a million dollars. But there were other times and certain situations where fear, self-doubt would get the best of me and steal my confidence.

Alright, are you hearing me? Let’s get real for a moment…

Have you ever felt this too??

Well, What if I could coach you to complete freedom?

We teach you how to get rid of the lies and

bring on the truth!

Ok so have I tickled your tail??

This is the “get ready to roar” spot on the internet for women in life, leadership & love who want custom strategic advice to help them get their mind, health, relationships & business back on track and take it to the next level. I’ve identified the biggest area under attack is our confidence- its been stolen and we are roaring and we want it back……….!

Can I get an AMEN!!!!! Who am I talking to here??

Have you had enough, is there a roar brewing in your spirit and are you ready to launch like a lioness to build your life?? Yep… here is where you step into our tribe.

Ok here is how I can help you:

The first areas I want you to roar over is you’re FEAR and turn it into confidence

Here’s what we are going to do :

  • Discover the hidden Lies, Im going to share with you the 5 top lies that have stolen your confidence
  • I’m going to give you the 7 pillars that I rebuilt my life on that got my groove back
  • Reveal the 3 Steps I used to build a life of power and courage
  • I am going to give you daily motivation from real people and real issues

There are 15 lessons Yes I said 15!

Straight up! This is the bee’s knees!

This is the #1 course I use to help grow confident teens and women in life! Want it? Yea I thought so….

Ok Imagine….. if you went to a counsellor or coach for 1hr it is going to cost in the region of over $100 right? and you will really only get to cover 1 issue… So here I have complied solutions with many many confident issues you may be facing, I have pulled together some of the greatest strategies that I have tried and tested on many many people to get breakthrough!

You can become more confident, I did so can you!


Here's What You Get When You Order Today:

Simply put, it’s changed the game for me.

I want you to get the insight… I want you to build your life personally, spiritually and physically

I want you to grow your confidence…

I want your revenue to double, health thrive and have healthy relationships...

Which is why I Engage daily to motivate you on facebook live.

Now this course typically sits inside of our monthly membership community, but I wanted to give you a chance right now to get your hands on it.

Here’s what you’ll get inside this

Session One- 5 part video course:

Lesson 1: How to stop being a people pleaser

Lesson 2: How To be kick fear and win

Lesson 3: How to Stop worrying about what others think

Lesson 4: How To remove unrealistic expectations off yourself & others

Lesson 5: How to be victorious

Session Two- 7 part video course:

Lesson 1: Discover your esteem

Lesson 2: Discover who you are

Lesson 3: Learn about what you really value

Lesson 4: Discover your beliefs

Lesson 5: How to be courageous

Lesson 6: How to be fearless

Lesson 7: Discover what action you need to take to be confident

Session Three: 3 Part Video Courses

Lesson 1: How to create confident change

Lesson 2: How to get specific confidence

Lesson 3: How to create a confident plan


it’s just about everything you need if you want to create a wildly-success confident you

and take you and your business to the next level. What’s more is you can grab it now for just $77. That’s more than 50% off the regular price! So it’s sweet steal, if you ask me.


Today You Become More Confident!

So don't delay... I can't tell you how long it's going to be open because Ive, then the offer at this price goes away. This is your first courageous act of confidence. I cannot wait to get started with you.

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