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Finding Fearless Book

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Finding Fearless Book


Finding Fearless Book


We can all experience moments when we feel depressed, discouraged, and defeated…especially when walking through a troubled season of our life, which is why you need to transform the pain into power to overcome and rebuild. 

Can you relate to any of the following scenarios?

  • You’re stuck in a job you hate because you’re afraid of the uncertainties involved in switching careers.
  • You’ve never experienced the wonderful feelings of dating and romance because you’re too frightened to be in the company of the opposite sex.
  • You’ve missed out on all the promising opportunities that have presented themselves to you because you’re scared in taking the slightest risks.
  • Your life sucks because you’re afraid to do anything that might compromise the feeling of safety you’re experiencing now.
  • There are some changed happening in and around you that make you feel anxious; and it’s now negatively effecting how you feel, its blocking your career, relationships, and personal life.

    Face the Truth

    Let’s face the truth. You can never amount to anything if you let your fears control your life. If you want a rewarding career, fruitful relationships, financial independence, or just about anything you can ever dreamed of, the first thing you should do is to breakthrough your fears.

    It doesn’t matter if you have all the know-how in the world to become the greatest person on earth; if you let fear control you, or you are bound by fear you can never proceed in taking the next step towards total freedom.

    “Have you ever felt so bad because you’ve passed up on an opportunity that can change your life for the better?”

    Fears have ruined the dreams and lives of millions of people. Many individuals have been held back from grabbing their piece of the success pie because of the doubts, fears, and uncertainties that have been plaguing their personalities. 

    “It’s Unhealthy to Be Afraid”

    When you allow negative fears  to be left untreated, your health may also get affected. It can result to high blood pressure, stress, or depression. Furthermore, such emotions can ruin your concentration and negatively affect your daily activities.

    “Stop Being Afraid Right Now!”

    Finally, I have written this book to help and teach you the necessary facts, secrets, and techniques to be in control of your fears.

    Finding Fearless is a book that reveals amazing strategies easy and even fun ways to finding Fearless. 

    In this book, you will learn powerful  strategies that can totally make you the master of your fears when applied routinely. You’ll learn not only efficient methods of controlling your fears, but you will also discover how to befriend them and use them to your advantage. Like I said turn the pain of the fear into a power that drives you forward!!


    This book is the ultimate solution to eliminate your fears to launch like a lioness easily and effectively, without having to take synthetic drugs or medicines, and without having to visit your medical specialist. In fact, incurring expensive medical fees can even worsen your fears.



    If you are serious in taking command over your fears using unorthodox yet highly effective methods, then you will find this book very useful. Commitment is one of the strategies I share. I want you to commit to your personal growth and happiness. Get rid of Fear once and for all................  


    What is Finding Fearless?

    Most of us struggle with certain parts of our life and usually get through, but sometime there are moments when we just need more help.  Nothing is changing yet we want change, relationships are distant yet we want connection.... I bet you ask yourself what is going on with me? 

    You see hidden out of sight are thoughts and feelings that hold us captive and sometimes paralyses our choices to move forward. Finding Fearless is a journey of self discover unpacking the limiting thoughts that are ruling your life choices, relationships and leadership.  

    What will you find in this book?

    • Packed with strategies readers with fear & anxiety can use to change their life.
    • Unlock the Powerful Keys To Becoming An Emotionally Healthy Lioness
    • Think Big, like the lioness you are. Launch into your future with a new vision & a positive belief. 


    About the Author

    Dawn Osborne  Started helping people with Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence coaching even before she knew that was what she was doing. As a trained therapist and coach Dawn shares her personal story and strategies of how she broke free from the chains of fear, now she wants to help you do the same. 

    Every wondered what it feels like to live in complete harmony Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit? 
    ➡️ Join me on a Discovery Call :https://calendly.com/dawnosbornementoring/20min
    ➡️ Let me help you discover the hidden blockages in your life, relationships or business- 
    join me on in our Finding Fearless in Life & Business: http://www.finding-fearless.com/webinar-registration-page19454658
    Live Fearless
    Dawn xx

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