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Become a voice

We help prevent human trafficking before it starts.

Prevention through education and community outreach is necessary to protect those susceptible to human trafficking.Our preventative projects target root issues of human trafficking, such as: poverty, lack of value for life, break down of the family, and lack of education, with a hope to stop trafficking before it begins.

Protecting vulnerable slum and street dwelling communities is key. Nations such as Cambodia are at-risk for trafficking because of trauma, poverty, and inadequate structures (social, economic, and governmental). We believe that by working with at-risk communities and transforming individuals we can prevent human trafficking to protect and empower women, children, and families.

How can you help? 

Do you have a social media presence? We're looking for savvy individuals with a passion for a beautiful things, beautiful people inside & out to join us. As a voice for the brand and its advocacy, you'll place our posts, ads, banners, links and when your visitors buy from Dawn Osborne Skincare, they will be contributing to Human Trafficking Prevention, Education and Business training!  If you would love the opportunity to become a voice, then please encourage your friends to purchase our products!

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Dawn Osborne Skincare embraces every individual on different levels of their journey through a supportive community. We believe in creating beautiful products that reflects a passion for living a beautiful life inside & out.

We’re looking for loyal brand ambassadors who want to help others.  To share our passion for health & beauty but not only that; we want you to embody the lifestyle to motivate and become an inspiration for others!

More info: Leave a legacy- Micro-Business Development Project

For more information on becoming a voice and supporting " Human Trafficking Prevention" send us a message