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Dawn Osborne



Face your deadly emotions head on and take control of your life

How many times have you said 'I'm fine!', when really you're not? Bottling up emotions can wear out your body, damaging your physical appearance and internal organs as well as limiting the way you think and communicate.

At some point in their lives, we may have had internal limiting thoughts like:

  • “ what’s wrong with me?”

  • “its his or her fault”

  • “He should never have said that”

  • “How could she treat me this way?”

  • “I feel guilty when I remember what I said to him”

  • “I’m so angry I can’t bear it”

  • “ I’m done with the world its all too hard”

 When in Emotional pain we don’t feel that we can discuss these hurtful emotions, such as guilt, anger or jealousy, with our friends and families. Some of us just suffer in silence holding onto anger and bitterness and don’t even know it. I call these deadly emotions... and I mean deadly!

Emotions like these do affect us in a long-term way, not only mentally but also physically, and it’s important to know how to get them under control before our health really suffers….. Trust me I know firsthand the power of deadly emotions at the age of 33yrs I was diagnosed with an incurable disease and adrenal fatigue.

Emotional pain relates to us all: no one has a perfect life. You have probably, like everyone else, been hurt or misunderstood, been in conflict or in love, experienced acceptance or rejection, and suffered losses, including bereavement.

Most of the time we are resilient and can pick yourself up and carry on, but at other times certain experiences result in wounds that linger on, negatively influencing your life. Unhealed emotions can result in dysfunctional relationships, depression and physical and mental illness. Unresolved issues and emotional trauma can be locked deep inside your body and mind, creating disturbed bodily responses, emotional reactivity leading to problematic thinking and behaviour.

 Taking the time to explore your issues can be life changing, liberating and will result in the freedom we desperately are all looking for. We all want to be released from emotional baggage and move forward.

 When your mind and body holds on to memories or feelings that still caused you pain Emotional healing is definitely required. Your underlying drive as a human being is to seek pleasure and avoid pain. As you transition through many different life events this goal can become easier because you get better at identifying things that make you happy and more adept at avoiding things that cause you pain. However sometime going through what looks like pain can also bring freedom.

Emotional healing will allow you to develop resilience and develop ways to manage your emotions more effectively. Yet certain memories and events may still disturb you. Finding a way to make peace with past pain and grievances enables you to heal.

This 12 week Challenge is going to help you explore and achieve emotional healing.  We recognise that doing so takes great courage on your part, and we honour you for taking the first step.

We want to help you free yourself of past burdens, take control of your life and find ways to enjoy aspects of it that you may have had difficulty enjoying before.

Fear to Freedom | 12 Week Journey

Free your mind, Heal your body, Renew your life!

Part One: Introducing Emotional Healing

Week 1: Understanding Emotional Healing

Week  2: Exploring the Physiology of Emotion

Week  3: Being aware of Your Emotions

Week  4: The difference between fixed and growth mindset

Week  5: How habitual thinking keeps us from healing

Part Two: Emotions and Your Body

Week  6: Unravelling Feelings and Food: What’s Eating You?

Week  7: Tiredness & Body Rhythms

Week  8: Actively listening yo Your Body

Part Three: Emotional Healing for Renewed Life

Week  9: Taking charge of your emotions

Week  10: Facing emotional giants

Week 11: Discipline your habits

Week  12: Coping with Life’s Transitions

Activation: Living as an Emotionally Healed Person

Next Course starts : 1st July | 12 weeks online coaching


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