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The Birth of TeenSkin revealed

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When Summer Osborne hit her teenage years, her face got a little oily. Pimples

started popping up, and she began to feel a little self-conscious.

Lucky for Summer, her mum Dawn had a background in health and beauty, so they

hit the shops to find some skincare that might soothe her teenage skin.

They wanted products that were natural, botanical and chemical free, with active

ingredients that would assist with inflammation and oil control, and of course

antibacterial properties. But the shelves were set to disappoint.

Dawn couldn’t bring herself to buy what was on offer. She wanted the best for

Summer, so she set about to MAKE the products she was looking for, with teenage

skin specifically in mind.

Introducing… TeenSkin by Dawn Osborne.

Because teenage skin is special, and needs a little extra love. Your body is working

hard through your teen years. Hormones kick in to high gear as your body shifts from

girl to woman – hello shiny face, oily skin and acne. So while your hormones are

raging on the inside, your skin needs a little help to stay calm on the outside.

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