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Dealing with the emotional effects of pimples in tweens

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Dealing with the emotional effects of pimples.

You’ve been anticipating — and possibly dreading — "going to school". You try to hide behind hair or heavy make-up. But you can’t ignore the whats in the mirror.

Sound familiar? Kids who are suffering with pimples & acne all over the world, these scenarios are all too common a day at school, a trip to the shop, youth event — can be a nightmare of stress and self-loathing. Yet, due to the “merely cosmetic” nature of acne vulgaris, these very real emotions are widely dismissed as oversensitivity. Clear-faced friends and co-workers say, “Really, it looks worse to you.”

And they’re probably right. But they’re missing an important point: pimples and acne is as much about how you feel as how you look. Over the years, the research methods and medical treatments may have changed, but the answers to the question “how does your acne make you feel?” have remained alarmingly constant: Ugly. Angry. Dirty. Depressed. These answers are consistent across gender lines, age barriers and national borders.

Now we see a increase of kids as young as 9years getting pimple!!! ARGHHH I hear the mothers cry, what do I do????

As a mother of 4 daughters I too faced the agonising dilemma of what to put on my childs skin...... upon researching It was either going to strip the skin or it was full of chemicals.

So having a background in beauty I decided to create my own range. specifically designed for kids as young as 9years to be able to use it. It was gentle, safe and natural. It was a WINNER.....




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