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How Becoming A Fearless Soul Made Me Trust Again….

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How Becoming A Fearless Soul Made Me Trust Again….

Have you ever had the thought, “I just can’t trust anyone”?

If you find yourself saying yes, especially if you have been hurt before, then you are not alone. I would be the first to admit that I have thought along this line many times before. But, this is a limiting thought and the only person it’s holding back from peace of mind and happiness is you!

From my experience, as well as interacting with thousands of women through my coaching programs, I have discovered that allowing limiting thoughts to possess you limits your life, while closing off opportunities for you to experience true wholeness. 

Once I understood this, I embarked on a journey into my soul in search for the answers….

But, first of all, what’s the soul? 

The soul is made up of the mind, will and emotions. The mind is the part that is responsible for thinking, reasoning, and applying knowledge. The emotions, on the other hand, deals with your feelings.  The will is the part of you that provides motivation to go towards a particular goal or direction. Also comprised within the soul are memories, your conscience, as well as your character or personality.

Now that is settled, the next thing we need to ask is this: What has the soul got to do with being able to love or trust again?

Since your memories are housed within your soul, let us delve into the depths of the memory and see how this is affecting the quality of your life.

You see, you have lots of memories stored in your brain, and you have the innate capability to recount them at any given moment. By virtue of your memory, you can easily recall names, faces, where events took place, what it smelled like, and so on. However, over time, these memories fade and change as time passes by. Yet, even when the memory begins to fade from your brain, it continues to live in your subconscious mind in the form of physical sensations and behavior patterns.

You need to remember this: Memories may fade, but the mind doesn’t forget.

It is easy to see why the aforementioned point holds true.

Events and experiences in our lives leave indelible imprints in our bodies and souls. These marks are particularly more pronounced when we encounter stressful situations that cause the body to fight, flee, or freeze in order to cope.

This is how it works............

When we have bad memories, they leave imprints in the form of thoughts and emotions that sit in the Subconscious mind. These imprints fuel and ultimately affect the way we lead our lives. Events and experiences whilst growing up, our religion, the influence of the culture of where we grew up in and our parents, are all capable of influencing us both positively and negatively. Sadly, for many people, this is how limiting thoughts become the norm in their lives!

For instance, let’s assume that you attempted to pat a friendly-looking dog. However, the dog turned and snapped at your hand. What would be your default reaction the next time you encounter such kinds of dog? I’d be willing to bet that you would think twice about putting your hand near such dogs, because your experience has shaped your mind to start expecting pain.

This example is how many of us allow our memories to minister limitations to our lives.

We see the similar pattern repeating itself in relationships and friendships. Many people hang on to the negative memories from their first relationships and as a result, they see every relationship as potential dead end. Of course, this is a falsehood. In the same way that all dogs are not vicious, all relationships and friendships are not the same. Unfortunately, many people find it very easy to believe lies validated by their memories, and as a result, they lead a very limited life driven by fear.

The good news is that there’s a way out.

You see, there is freedom in assuming positive intent!

The truth is that as long as I continue to let my soul (mind, will and emotions) to be driven by fear, I will never reach my full potential in love or even life! This is why something needs to change.

So, what needs to change?

It’s simple: You and your viewpoint

Your viewpoint refers to what you can see, think & feel about an issue or a person per time. 

The truth remains that as long as you continue to assume negative intents, such as the expectation that you shouldn’t trust a person because he or she might hurt you, your soul will continue to be fearful and anxious. This is why when you keep on recalling memories of pain from previous relationships, it is only a matter of time before they sabotage your love interests and/or friendships in the present.

When you take positive action and embrace positive intent in changing the way you view relationships, you would find it easy to get rid of the lies you have established as the foundation for your life. As a result, you would stop basing your life on mindsets fixed on the past, but rather, you will brace yourself up to overcome your fears. This is where you start seeing the magic happen. You would experience a boost in your trust levels in love & life. And finally, your brain would start learning how to stop associating events or actions in your life with fear and limiting thoughts.

Trust me when I say that there’s no better way to lead a more fulfilling life.

How then do you change your viewpoint?

The simple key that would set you up for success in changing your viewpoint is self-awareness.

By becoming self-aware, you would be taking your first steps towards living a life that is not dominated by fear. You’ll probably be surprised about how good you feel, as you watch your trust levels increasing by virtue of becoming self-aware and embracing positive intention.

You can ditch the lie that has turned you into a prisoner of fear-inducing memories!

You can take charge of your life and take back the territories in your soul and life today that you have lost to fear.

Here a few more tools that would empower you to live a life of fearlessness, once and for all:

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